Day 92, Wendtorf – Damp

am 04.10.2019 / in Allgemein

Looks like we’re back!

We left on July 5th, after exactly three months, having logged 1775nm and hoisted guest-flags of six countries, we have arrived back in Damp.

We used the motor for 414nm, which is much more than I had expected, but it’s one more indication that for us three months was not enough to cover that distance in a ‚dream‘ like we wanted to. However Karsten and I agree that having been to the archipelago of Finland and Åland was worth it!
We didn’t have a super-summer as in 2018 but overall we were lucky with the weather, only fall came a bit early. But that will now make it easy to say goodbye to the boat, the Prisemuth was a great companion for this trip, so thank you Birgit and Stephan for letting us use her!
Now there’s only some cleaning up to do, pack our clothes, get the boat ready for winter-storage and off we go, back to Hamburg.
So this is the end of my blog. Thank you for your comments, no matter if in the blog, on the phone, via e-mail or WhatsApp, they kept me going. Although I’m also glad that I now have the blog for myself, like a diary!

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