Day 83, Gislövs Läge – Klintholm

am 25.09.2019 / in Allgemein

We got up at 6am and it was still dark but looked fine. At 7am, after breakfast, fog again made us wait. Fortunately by 8am it wasn’t gone but wasn’t so thick any more and we left Sweden.
All day the fog, or mist, or haze didn’t clear so we were discussing what it should be called. Anyhow, it was thick enough that both of us had to keep a constant lookout for the big-ship-traffic and the bluffs of Møns Klint, which sometimes can be seen from 20nm or more, were as close as about a mile and a half before we were able to see them.

Katharina’s question the other day made us talk about our trip coming to an end. And we agreed that this weather makes it easy to think about arriving home again! And this feeling gets even stronger now that we will be mainly visiting harbors in Denmark where we’ve been before.

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