Day 58, Broken – Oxelösund

am 31.08.2019 / in Allgemein

Sometimes sailing through the archipelago is like sailing through a world of ago. But, what a change, just after turning the corner of Broken we were back in reality. The steel works of Oxelösund made sure that we don’t forget the century we live in.
Interesting idea in connection with the book I’ve almost finished: In Steven King’s 11/22/63 he describes a guy who has the possibility to time travel from 2011 to 1958 ‚where people still leave their doors unlocked‘.
In the fishing-harbor they had a family-day today and one thing they did was an exhibition, and demonstration, of old motors. One of them was said to have been forgotten somewhere for 61 years, and they were able to start it just like that!
Our place in the harbor is very quiet however and we’ll probably stay for a day, weather forecast for tomorrow predicts very strong wind, also there is some laundry to do, and there are more geocaches in the vicinity than I can handle in a day!

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