Day 55, Malmakvarn – Utö

am 28.08.2019 / in Allgemein

In Malmakvarn we used moskito-nets for the first time, here they are drying from the mist of the night.
Then we had a wonderful day of sailing, t-shirt and shorts today, again. The wind got quite strong after a while but hardly any waves so – lots of fun!
The harbor on Utö offered two surprises for us: there was a visit of the Swedish military with a hovercraft and:
when we used the anchor to secure the stern of the boat we wanted to be smart, or just lazy. Anyhow, instead of using the special line for the anchor we took the normal mooring line, and because we thought it might be just a little short, we tied a second one to it. Are you guessing what happened? The knot came loose and we lost the anchor with the line. Both Karsten and I dived for it, the water was quite nice, but the visibility at 2.5 or 3m was really bad and we couldn’t find it. Well, now we know better!

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