Day 40

am 13.08.2019 / in Allgemein

When we left Kaivastu it also meant going back, west. At E023°23.7′ this was as far east as we’d get.
Kaivastu said farewell with nice weather and we had reason to hope for a relaxed day. And that’s what it was for a little while, a bit slow but OK!
Then this black cloud developed right above us and I was somewhat disappointed because I had to get my sweater over the t-shirt.
The wind played around a bit, coming from that direction and in the next minute from the other. The cloud, fortunately having moved south a bit, had grown to be huge, there was thunder and lightning and we got our heavy sailing clothes on, a little scared what was coming. For the first time I saw a little tornado developing up there, it didn’t quite touch down but was fascinating anyway!
The wind picked up, sailing was sports again, and after a while the wind even came from a favorable direction. Then the sun came out while above the Estonian mainland it must have been pouring down, we got about four or five drops!
Now I’m sitting here in shorts and t-shirt writing this blog.
One thing about Estonian hospitality besides the friendliness of the people: once you are in port, the harbormaster hoists your flag, how nice!

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